Friday, October 06, 2006

Devo's from Mom

Since you are here and reading this, how about I explain my purpose to you. I’m a mother of five children and a few years ago I was hit hard with the empty nest thing. Our kids are doing great without me but I still wanted to give them something. Since we started our family it has been my passion to share Gods word with them. We sang songs, read children’s bible stories books and even watched videos depicting the word. Not to leave out just reading and memorizing the word. I wanted my kids to eat, drink and sleep the word. Along the way I realized what the word was doing for me. I had such an incredible passion for the word. I found that I could not keep quiet. I had to as my kids call it “PREACH.” They all know its coming when I open my mouth. Whether they want to hear it or not I’m going to “PREACH”. I think we can all say from time to time we need a mom to preach just a little. I started sending what I call “Devo’s from Mom” to my kids, their friends and a few of my friends. I tend to be long winded so I limited myself to just one page. There is always so much to say about Gods word I could talk all day. What I would really like, is to give you the thought and then let you study it for yourself and teach me what you get from the Lord on His wonderful word. Our communication with God is the most important life line we have. The more He talks to you and you to Him, the more alive you will be. I pray this mom helps inspire you in Gods word, maybe even to make it your most precious passion.

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