Saturday, May 11, 2013

One of Those Days

One of Those Days
Devo’s from Meme
by Tomya Peters

It’s one of those days I won’t get anything done. What may have taken having a few kids to realize takes only a few moments when you’re a Meme. Why do we feel this way when we spend a day like this with our children? You know those days every time you start to move towards getting it together they want to be held, fed, sang to, rocked and held some more. By the way I’m typing over the wild head of a busy child right now for fear ill forget what I want to say, if I wait for another day. These days we think we will get nothing done are some of the most productive days you will ever spend. Yes, my house is a mess and I’m moving in three weeks but the child doesn't care. Now that I’m a Meme let me explain why th8s day is so productive. She’s had time to feel loved and listened to, important and number one for a day, and what she wants comes first. I know they come out of the womb thinking only of themselves but sometimes we are quick to remind them they're not all that. In Genesis 1 God took time to create us in his image. When he stepped back from the canvas  His thoughts of us were “very good”. He hasn't stopped taking time to be interrupted by us since that first moment. I can’t count all the time the Israelite's cried out for help let alone my own cries for help. I know most of you who know me think I’m pretty flexible. Well I didn't get this way very easily. I had a house full of little helpers. I want “me” time and organization as much as the next person but when we try to be in control God uses what he can to remind us were not. We won’t understand it if the eyes of our heart are closed. Let me tell you what today was like for me.
I've had time to dream, plan, reflect, imagine, meditate, listen to others; I have learned patients over the years. I can keep my mouth shut, my thoughts to myself and actions under control. “in theory”.  God has my mind in an open and moldable place today. So I stopped picked up the little arms reaching up at me and sat, walked, rocked and loved. After all he put these words on my heart, I got something done. Life can’t be scheduled. We have to take it on a moment by moment experience some days. Today my mind wondered through the last thirty years of raising my own children. I’m not being boastful but God sure has done a number on me.  It’s been in the most ridiculous of days that He taught me the most. I’m not saying to through the schedule out the window but when fighting it is getting overwhelming stop and let God teach you a few things. I pray you are teaching the child, reaching up to you and putting your life in “order” what is most important today as well. Bella you are loved. Thank you for the reminder.

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