Saturday, September 06, 2014

I Want You To Want Me

          In the 70’s a song by the band “Cheap Trick” from Illinois titled “I want you to want me”. It hit the charts in Japan. Later became big here in the states. Funny the places a song will become a huge hit. In fact the band said, “It all started as a joke”. The lyrics are very repetitive and the main line sticks in your head. The contrasts of the two phrases have two very different thoughts. “I want you to want me and I need you to need me”
          Last year we had 3 grandbabies born. Two were the first born to two of my daughters I lived half way around the world from them for the 5 1/2 years. Weather they needed me or not didn’t matter during this time, because I was too far away for any quick trip to see them. In the last couple months they both shared some thoughts about a parent being needed. They wanted to know my feelings concerning this subject.
Sometimes once our children grow up we struggle with what our role is to become. We sometimes struggle to let go. When children are young the cry for “MOM!!!” rings through the air often. If you’re like me and have 5 children you heard this sound quite often.
This made me think of a young Christian’s relationship with God. A lot of our prayers sound very much the same. Help! Please! Now! I can’t do it! Give me! I need you! These are things God loves to hear. He wants us to know he is there for us. He wants us to believe he is capable of meeting our needs. My very independent daughters wanted to be tough and be the mothers I prayed they would become and hoped they had witnessed in me. They were confident and mature and didn’t need me in the way I described earlier.  They asked if this bothered me. I said I don’t want to be needed. Now before you think I’m a bit strange, hear me out. It was more important that they wanted me! Not because they couldn’t do this on their own and needed me, but because I was their mother and they love me and wanted me there. In all cases with children you want to be there when they need you but I’m so ok with just being there. I don’t need to be needed. I just want to be wanted.
I think God is the same way with us. There is a time when he says “jump I’ll catch you”. Give me your worst day and I’ll carry you. When the day comes and we say, “God, I trust you” and take the training wheels off and ride knowing he is there. Trusting what we know him to be warms his heart. Like with my children. I want them to have no doubt I am here when they need me, but seeing them have the confidence to stand on their own makes me proud. Them wanting me to walk along side them knowing I believe in them means so much more. I love growing in this new level of relationship with my children.
Do you WANT God? Do you spend time sharing your life with him? Do you trust he is there and walk with confidence? Know his hand is there to grasp when the ground lets go below you.

Today all my children are living all around the world thriving, standing on their own, not needing me and I’m good with that. My desire is for them to WANT me. God’s desire is for us to WANT him not just when we need him.

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