Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Devotionals from Mom
Psalms 119:105

       Most of you know all about navigational systems. What about the not so new versions? I’m talking about maps and charts. Remember those days? I once taped several maps together so my father, driving alone could navigate himself from Indiana to west Texas. It was a long twenty three hour drive straight through. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for him. Then there’s word of mouth which works best on short distances. I loved OKies and how they would through in a few "far-sees" to get you down the road a few miles before a turn or a second far-see. "A far-see is defined as this: Fix your eyes on a spot as far as you can see. Then drive until you get to that point. If you need to drive two far-sees then fix your eyes, drive to that point then do it again. For really old school technology you can use the sun to tell directions and when it’s not shining you can tell direction by the moss that grows on the north side of a tree, because it gets little sun throughout the year. 
       Today I want to talk about the latest, “Global Positing Satellites”. When we moved to Sydney, Australia a city of 5 million people it was busy city with malty lane, winding roads, that went on for miles. We didn’t want the fear of getting lost to keep us from our ministries so we purchase a GPS systems called TomTom. This became a joke with us because Craig was already use to his own personal TomyaTomya giving him directions. Our hope was this one would have fewer mistakes. One particular, night I wanted to go to a bible study some young ladies had invited me and my daughter to. Just as I had made the plans for our study, Craig made plans for the same time with the guys who were having a study on the other side of town. Quickly one of the men said they would pick Craig up so I could have the car. Thirty minutes before the study was to start, I got a hold of the girl whose house it was to be at. She gave me the address and what to bring as our part of the meal. I hurriedly threw it together, punched the address in on my brand new GPS as we speed off through the city. The first few turns were on roads I was familiar with. Several minutes later, and very dark at that point, I found myself on roads I had never been on before. I have a pretty good sense of direction, but I even felt like I had gone around in circles. There was lots of traffic so I couldn’t be concerned on whether TomTom was sending me the right way or not. I was gonna be happy to just get to stop the car at some point. Driving in stressful surroundings was wearing me out, and I didn't care where I ended up at as long as I could stop driving. Thirty minutes later, just as I was promised, I pulled right up to her house. Wow! What a machine. I know these devices aren’t perfect, but it did a pretty good job. 
       As I started my return trip home, I thought how I may not have even tried to go, at such a late start. Being in a new country I was concerned and worried about not offending anyone by being late or bothering then with several phone calls just to figure out how to get there. What if the food I chose to bring no one liked? The GPS made one thing clear, my direction. I had a chance to at least get there if nothing else worked out that night. I just wanted to do the right thing. 
       Maybe that’s why some of you don’t start a walk with Christ. You feel you’re too late. You worry you will mess up, or maybe you keep getting lost. You think it’s just too hard to make all those choices, and fight through the temptations. If one of these fits, you may just need your “GodGod” turned on, with the appropriate address typed in to navigate you. Connect the (Prayer line) and open the turn by turn view screen (Bible). As I travel to places I’ve been before I do better each time at getting there on my own.The more time listening
to God the more the directions will stick. The more my actions will become automatic. Remember this text, the original GPS.

Psalms 119: 105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet.

I lived there for nearly 6 years, and the more and more I combed over the maps I could take off and enjoy the scenery with out my mind focused on every turn. God's word covered in prayer is the best navigational system around. It did get easier to get around, but I still made many wrong turns, I just didn't stress over it. I just got my TomTom back out and set my directions straight. You make the application.

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Memory written by our son to his father

       With every new grand child born I have written them a story. I one day will share with them in hopes to encourage them with God's purpose in their life. My next grand child isn't even born yet, and my thoughts haven't been formed. There's something about seeing them come into the world that provokes my heart to write. My son sent this wonderfully memory of his childhood to his dad for Father's Day. For sure this has begun to impress my thoughts. I'm going up next week to await their child's arrival. Enjoy this father's, ready for the incredible challenge of parenthood, as it began in his youth. Daniel you will be an awesome daddy.

To the Archer, from his Arrow.

Pop's Green Glass Shark
(and excerpt from "Archers and Arrows")

Have you ever done something that triggers a memory, like that flinch that many people get after a car crash, especially if they saw it coming. I had that problem for several months, at times even waking me up bracing for the impact. Not all memories are like that, some are pleasant, and some are not. They can be triggered by things like smells, faces, or objects. This morning I had such a memory that started with a cup holder that I had made as a kid. I made it during the craft time at Camp Red Oak Springs in the mid-90s. It had been in a "keep-safe" box for probably the last 2 decades or so...probably because my mum, in her great wisdom...and experience with me, didn't want me to break it just yet. As I looked at all of the broken shards of glass plastered in the shape of my name(all in orange) upon a glass tile...i dropped it on to the very coffee table I was planning to place it on. Thankfully it didn't break, but as I picked it up my mind raced as a memory as vivid as a dream rushed through my mind.  It reminded me of a green glass shark that my father had made when he was a kid. It had sat on my bedside for years growing up. Being a boy of an imagination too great and grand to contain, I wouldn't be able to number all the imaginable worlds created to cater to its nature(being glass). By giving it a reason that made it important that it was always stationary, always protected, I could make it do anything and yet still follow my parents rule for playing with a fragile item.  I can't count how many GI. Joes, Mighty Max's(the male version of Polly Pocket) and Lego men it ate...or things I hid in its mouth(like gum so that I could eat it again the next day). Of all of the memories I have of this shark, I remember best, the day it broke. The event started with cleaning my room so that I could go stay at a friend's house. I moved it to the edge to dust under it and lost my balance and fell off the top of our bunk bed…with it in my hands. My world slowed to a crawl as I realized the gravity and inevitable outcome of the situation before me...not a thought was of me falling, of my safety, of bracing for MY fall, no, my eyes, my mind, and my heart were all completely and only on the green glass shark...which was now slipping out of my hands. Life snapped back to real time and the shark shattered like a glass bulb on my dresser. All attempts to hold on to it only slammed it harder into the hard wood dresser. In hind sight, it may not have broken if I only tried to protect myself, and let it fall to the carpet, but if I had, I doubt I would have remembered any of this. To forget about this moment would have been an impossible thing for a young boy to do with something that he placed so much importance and value into. See, this wasn't just another random thing of your mum or dads that broke. No.  All the times I was told to be careful and gentle, the history of this green glass shark over the years had grown to mythical my head. This was my fathers. He had made it with his own hands long before I existed. It was part of his legacy....entrusted to me, to protect. So with great care and warning, I had for years been faithful, I had been successful with my father's work...and here I didn't just fail to protect it from one of my annoying sisters or careless, I destroyed it, I assured its annihilation with my carelessness. In that moment of poor judgment, I lost a point of connection with my dad. What was once a badge of pride to display on my bed to all who would see, was now a broken irreplaceable blinding beacon of my betrayal. My father had trusted me with something of great worth, of importance...because he Loved me, because he needed me, and trusted me. Now I lay on the ground frozen in shock, in fear, and in disappointment as I stared at the green glass shards all around me. I laid there for what seemed like an eternity, unmoving as the past and the future played through my head...and then I silently cried. After I caught my breath, and with my dripping tear filled eyes, tried to undo the effects of gravity. I didn't know what to do, or who to go to, to  get dad couldn't know...not until I fixed it. I knew I couldn't tell any of my siblings, there  was no reality where that wouldn't have ended in some form of blackmail, or an unfair trade in the Peters kids black market barter system, (an exchange system that could sometimes be described as Lord of the Flies-ish). After depleting my stockpile(and my brothers) of gum and tape trying desperately to fix the green glass shark, I crawled into my bed to submit to my new found fate. I was a failure, and soon everyone would know.  My mum (who must have felt the disturbance in the force...or the lack of my constant beat boxing and sound effects) found me curled up in my bed against the wall on the edge, practicing the art of become nothing. I don't think she noticed what I had done, though I know she couldn't have missed it, but I remember trying to get her to understand what I did and what it meant...but no, she simply and quietly found me, she got ME, not what I did. After a tear-filled hug we collected the glass shards. Before we could finish, my dad came home. The fear in my eyes must have been evident because she said it was ok and that she would tell him. As she walked out the door, I re-doubled my effort to become nothing, to be not WORTH it. Hiding from within my covers I peeked out with one eye to the door. I remember seeing his mustached face peek around the door and walk in. I knew I was going to get it, so I decided to abandon my current fruitless endeavor and take the moment before the beat down, to defend myself. I explained the un-fairness of gravity, and that if I didn't have to clean, then all of this wouldn't have happened. I then grounded myself and said I wouldn't go to my friend's house, that I'd do every chore in the world...then I moved to the "I'll make it right" phase. I had all these ideas to fix the problem...though apparently the chewed gum and scotch tape was not going to work. I am pretty sure my words all sounded like squealing gibberish mixed with gasps of breathing, in-between inaudible mumblings and sniffles, because he spoke as if he didn't get a word of what I was saying. His mouth opened, and mine shut, this was the end, that moment when any false hope you had is now swallowed in the darkness as he breathes in just enough to breathe out your fate. Then he said it...the last thing I would have ever thought he would have said. He said I was faithful, that I was worth it, that I was his true treasure. To be honest, I have no memory of what he actually said. I just remember how I felt. Loved, wanted, and his pride and joy. He broke my world in that moment. The idea of losing a connection, of failing, of complete loss was vaporized with a kiss, with an embrace, with words filled with love and a little humor sprinkled with sarcasm. I remember laughing as we threw the shards of green glass away...covered in every piece of gum and tape I could find. I have come to realize in hindsight that as special as the shark was, it was truly the very thing that was IN the way and keeping me from understanding my father's Love for me. Sure, I would have learned this lesson on one of the many other times I have "tested" my father's love, though to be honest I have relearned this lesson more than once and will many more times to come...well at least I hope I do. I don't mean that I hope to fail my dad on a regular basis, but that I continue to learn and remember truths like the one I learned that afternoon. Now a days, I know that my father isn't perfect, that he isn't the end all and be all of my life, but now I also know that there has never been a day that has gone by from the day I was born, that my father didn't love me UNCONDITIONALLY. More importantly, by his and my mums example,  I know of a Father that is the end all and be all, and he doesn't just love unconditionally, he loves Eternally. At the time of writing this draft, in only a few more days I will become a father. On that day, girl or boy, I will be proud and I will FALL IN LOVE in a way I could have only imagined before, but have seen every day of my life....

Thank you for your consistent and faithful echo.
Happy Father's Day Pop.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Dancing with my Daddy

Dancing with my Daddy
Devotional’s from Mom
Tomya Peters

      I have danced as a child, I've danced with my friends, and when children came along I enjoyed dancing with them. I've danced with my husband in Korea, Dubai, Mexico, Belize, Fiji, and Australia to name a few. I danced with him more times than I can count from within our very own living room, in the many homes we have shared together. I've also been blessed to dance with my grandchildren twirling them around and making them smile. As great and memorable as these  moments have been I think dancing with my daddy is the most incredible dance of all. We may be at a wedding, in our living room, or on the street in a busy city, but when there’s music you’ll see me dancing with my daddy. When we were little he would twirl us around in the living room. He always made us girls feel so special. I have been blessed to dance with my daddy at my sisters wedding and the weddings of three of our children. Now I wont claim to be a good dancer, but I love how it consumes every part of your heart, soul, mind and body.
        On one particular day we had just finished a time of celebration and honor for the life of my mother in-law. As we gathered across town to eat and spend more time sharing with family, some of us were found sitting outside in the cool of the afternoon. The children were running around with joyful sounds of laughter. They were demonstrating the blessed life we thank God for daily. Suddenly music began to play in a room above us. Before I knew it we were smiling and once again I was dancing in the arms of my daddy. 
New Zealand


         You might think it a bit inappropriate to be dancing at a funeral, well let's look at it from God's perspective. Look at these verses with me.
Jer. 31:4, 13
        I will build you up again
 and you will be rebuilt, O Virgin Israel.
 Again you will take up your tambourines.        
 and go out to dance with the joyful. 13          
 Then maidens will dance and be glad,              
 young men and old as well.
Psalms 30:11
       You turned my wailing into dancing; you          
 removed my sackcloth and clothed me            
 with joy,

      These two texts were about joy after hard times. God promised his disobedient people in the time of Jeremiah a time of healing. For David in the Psalm he was rejoicing over the life he was given from the Lord.

      In this life I've been blessed to dance in the arms of my daddy. The important thought to ponder is this; do we see our heavenly father in this light? In our lives he is always ready to dance with us. 

How about when you have pain? What about in time of loss? Joy.... peace..... or when you feel all alone..... ? Close your eyes and fall into his arms. Meditate on his loving words and there will be joy that lifts you to your feet in dance. I have been dancing with my daddy all my life and my heavenly father since I was ten years old.  I was so blessed to have a daddy to show me what the love of God looks like and take the time to dance with me. If you have had the opportunity to see God through the loving eyes of a godly father, bless those around you. Perhaps you know someone who struggles with a good father image. Next time you see a child of God in need, put on some music and give them a twirl. Share God’s love with them and dance.

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