Thursday, July 30, 2015

Attention all parents....Are you going about this all wrong?

I asked my readers yesterday a question. There was one big problem, my question went out to those who were looking back on life. The remonessing group of parents. Not the more urgent group of readers. So today, I ask you parents a question. What about you, what do you want to see at the end of razing your children? Not your goals now in parenting, but the end result. Share with me the picture that comes to mine. Maybe it’s a feeling you hope you live out your days with, a peace that sweeps over you. Some of you I bet are the checks and balance kind of people. Educated, debt free, and maybe they even have a room built on just for you as payback in your last years. I'm sure all this is just a dream for some of you. How many children do you even see yourself with. I’ll shut up now and let you create in words, what this world of children grown, house empty would look like. What do you see?

Just some fun in becoming a parent:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tell me about your Children leaving Home

Becoming a parent happens around the world several times a minute. Some people prepare for years others remain in denial years after their child's birth. I could spend years sharing my heart on the subject,  but today I want to look at the point where my passion and life's work became all I could think about. Things, I think if done differently could change the world for God's glory.
About fifteen years ago something changed in our home. Instead of adding to the number of boddies in the house we started subtracting. We all handle this time a bit differently. My husband questioned himself, "Did I do enough"? Me, my writting took a turn that deepened a passion I had started a few years earlier.
Today I want you to look back over the years of your children flying the coop, shipping out, leaving the nest, or in Australia you might call it off on walk about. What ever phrase you use for your children packing up their things for the great unknowing I want to hear your stories.
This is something that happens to all of us parents around the world. We all pprepare and deal with this differently. It is even different from one child to the next. I have spent years writting my thoughts to the world, now I would like to hear yours. Please post your thoughts so we can all learn from each other how to work throught the many layers of parenting, that goes beyond the 20 plus years we think of as the child rearing time of life.

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