Sunday, October 18, 2015


Devos from mon
Every Sunday we take an usie and send it to our children around the world. This morning as usual I'm blessed with little ones next to me. Today I'm sending this out to all, sharing with you how amazing their moms are.

One drives with 3 kids farther than any other member to be with us. Every Sundays she is here before most. She is here every time the door is open. They will never doubt who their mom puts above all in her life.

The other works full-time raising her 3 girls alone. She may shoot me for saying this, but if you walk up to her door and listen you will hear so much laughing from sweet little voices as she rolls on the floor creating memories that will carry them through life.

Mom's I life you up in praise today for your godly examples. God please bless these two beautiful souls and their children.

In Jesus name
I thank you.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sunday Usies!

Our family has lived all around the world and we have worshiped in many different ways. My favorite is when we are together. As far back as I can remember we have taken up a whole pew. Trying to separate the problems and bookend the runners wasn’t easy, especially when your husband is the one in the pulpit and you have two arms to hold onto five kids.

            When my children were young and bible hour was becoming the newest craze. I held back on letting my children go. I’m not judging if you send yours, I just wanted them with me.

            I’ve heard all the arguments and I agree that children hearing a lesson on their level will teach them more about the word of God than an over their-head-lesson from a long winded preacher.

            What bible hour won’t and can’t give them is what worship looks like through godly parents. I wanted my children to grow up having watched me mirror to them my love for worship, my head bowed in prayer and how I hang onto every word, marking notes in my bible as it moved me. On top of all that they get to see their father’s tongue inspired by hours of study poured over the word.

            One by one as our children left home and our pew finally empty, I sit alone. I’m not complaining, and a lot of Sundays I have little blessing from around the church climb up in my arms. Then there’s the Sundays when we are with grandchildren, I feel like I’m in heaven.

            Something happened a couple years ago I have to share with you. Sunday Usies were launched.

            Having a large family and living around the world means we are never in the same place at once. We had our last child getting married and the opportunity to have all the children with their families all home at the same time. As the first overseas family arrived and we all set in the pew together we took a family photo and sent it out to the rest. We all know the next week more would be gathered and the photo would include more. Our excitement and anticipation was growing. We were more excited the closer the day came for us all to be worshiping together. This was how Sunday Usies began. (Hebrews 10:23-25)

            Now every Sunday no matter where we are we all snap a pic and post it right in worship. “Sunday Selfie or Usie” which ever name your choose. Knowing my children and grandchildren are in love with their heavenly father and see the importance of worshiping with the family of believers thrills my soul.

            Your family may not be as big or spread out as far as mine. You may have very little family at all. This new tradition is too good not to share with someone. Next time you are in worship take a selfie and bless someone. You will never sit alone in church again.

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